Finals Week Tutoring: Get your finals week tutoring scheduled now! We are offering limited writing and math tutoring Dec. 6-7. Check it out on our schedule through the LARC-WC Online tile!
Image shows the purple LARC-WC Online tile with a white bird How do you Make a Tutoring Appointment?: It's easy! Click the purple LARC tile in your Student Portal and register for an account. Then select either the Tutorial Program or Writing Center Schedule. We have both in-person and Zoom appointments available! 
Be a Successful Seawolf! : Take advantage of FREE peer academic support and utilize Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction! Working with a peer educator can help you not only with course content but will increase your confidence as a college student. 

The Learning and Academic Resource Center (LARC) is located on the first floor of the University Library in the Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center.

LARC provides peer academic support through three programs: the Writing Center, the Tutorial Program, and the Supplemental Instruction Program.

This fall (2021), we are offering both in-person and remote services. In-person tutoring will be available Monday through Thursday from 10:00am - 2:00pm. For remote hours, please check our schedules through the LARC-WC Online tile described below.

Our center will be open for printing, computer use, and front desk assistance Monday through Thursday from 9:00am - 5:00pm, and we offer remote front desk services on Fridays from 9:00am - 3:00pm, through Zoom: LARC Remote Desk.

Want an appointment now? Login to your Student Portal and click on the LARC-WC Online tile! 

 LARC-WC Online tile 

The Writing Center helps students, faculty, and staff with developing their writing skills and producing documents. Writing Center staff also assist faculty with improving their writing for instruction, supports WIC (Writing Intensive Course) curriculum, and promotes writing across the curriculum.

The Tutorial Program offers free peer tutoring in over 50 courses each semester and provides weekly drop-in math tutoring. Students can easily schedule tutoring appointments online for both the Tutorial Program and the Writing Center by clicking the link above and registering for an account.

The Supplemental Instruction Program (SI) is a peer-led academic assistance program that helps students succeed in specific course sections. Study sessions are led by trained SI Leaders who have mastered the course content. Students can voluntarily attend these SI sessions to increase their understanding of topics and materials from the courses, and improve their grade!

Want to know what courses we support? Check out our Fall 2021 Course Support List. SI/LC courses and sessions are listed on the second tab, and Computer Science Embedded Lab Tutoring is on the third tab.