WC Online FAQS

Please note that we have program-specific instructions for accessing and using WC Online on our Tutorial Program and Writing Center pages.

What is WC Online?

WC Online is a scheduling platform used by the Learning & Academic Resource Center to manage appointments, and for online appointment access.

How do I access WC Online?

Students access WC Online through their SSU Portal, just as they do email, LoboConnect, Parking, My SSU, and more.

How do I make an account?

Simply click on the purple LARC-WC Online portal tile, and you will be automatically guided to make a profile. Please follow the directions to personalize your account. If you already have an account from a previous visit, you will need to login the first time, and then will automatically go straight to the schedule on future logins.

I am having trouble setting up a profile, and/or accessing my account. What can I do?

For Fall 2021, please call us at 707-664-4401 Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am - 5:00pm, or email our help desk at larcdeskw@sonoma.edu. On Fridays, you may drop in to our Virtual LARC Desk, or send an email to our help desk at larcdeskw@sonoma.edu. Our staff will then guide you through email, over the phone, or in a Zoom session on setting up and accessing a WC Online account.

My account has been disabled. What do I do?

Accounts will be automatically disabled after you have three no-shows (meaning you fail to show up for three appointments, and don't cancel ahead of time). To get the account re-enabled, you must email our help desk at larcdeskw@sonoma.edu

What is the LARC's no show policy?

If you cannot make it to your appointment, you can login to WC Online through your student portal, select your appointment, and scroll down in the pop-up window to "Cancel appointment." We ask that you provide a minimum of 2 hours notice, though we realize this is not always possible. If you are cancelling with less than 2 hours to go, or you have difficulty cancelling the appointment, please reach out to larcdeskw@sonoma.edu, or call us at 707-664-4401. Please provide your name, the appointment date and time, and the tutor's name - the more detail, the easier it is for our staff.