If a student took one of the currently listed courses in previous terms, will it serve to fulfill the GWAR (Graduate Written Assessment Requirement)?

No. Courses are being authorized based on clearly articulated criteria by the Educational Policies Committee. Each term a new list of explicitly authorized WIC courses will be published.

I'm a student who would love to take a WIC course in my major. What should I do?

You definitely should voice your desire to your professors and the Department Chair. Programs must initiate the process of seeking WIC authorization.

Will students who complete WIC courses automatically receive GWAR certification?

YES. As of Fall 2017, the The Graduate Written Assessment Requirement (GWAR) certification process has been automated within the Common Management System. Therefore, if you are a student who has completed a WIC Course, your ARR (Academic Requirement Report) will be updated to show GWAR Completion, normally within a month of your having completed the course, provided you meet these eligibility criteria:
1. You completed the WIC course with a grade of C- or better (as stipulated in the criteria).
2. You held junior status or higher (60 units) at the time of your enrollment in the course.
Please Note: If your Catalog Year is prior to Fall 2013, your ARR will not automatically update. Please contact the LARC at larcdeskw@sonoma.edu for assistance in getting your WIC course submitted for GWAR certification.

I took and passed a WIC course, but my ARR still shows the GWAR Requirement not met. What should I do?

There are a few situations where a student's ARR might not automatically update. If one of the following situations apply to you, please contact the LARC at larcdeskw@sonoma.edu and the administrative staff will help you resolve the issue.
1. Students who are in a Catalog year prior to Fall 2013.

2. Students who took a WIC class prior to Fall 2017. Note: there were no WIC courses prior to Spring 2016.

3. Students who are in a Catalog year prior to Fall 2018 AND received a C- or Credit/No-Credit in the course.

4. Students who took a WIC course prior to earning 60 units.

Will the WEPT continue to be offered?

The WEPT exam will no longer be offered at SSU. Students graduating in Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022 will not be required to fulfill the GWAR in order to graduate. Updated information regarding this requirement will be provided by the Chancellor's Office beyond those semesters.

Must all WIC courses be 300-level or above?

Yes. The CSU GWAR policy explicitly states that The Graduate Written Assessment Requirement (GWAR) assessment is to be performed at the junior level or above.

Can pre-upper-class students achieve GWAR certification through taking a WIC course?

No. The Graduate Written Assessment Requirement (GWAR), as articulated in Chancellor’s Office directives, clearly stipulates that GWAR is meant to institute writing requirements and assessment in the upper division. Students may elect to take WIC courses at any time in their college careers, but completion of the requirement can only be recognized for juniors or higher. Thus students who take WIC courses prior to the junior year will still need to complete a WIC course with a C- or better during their upper division work to meet their GWAR requirement.