Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

Writing Proficiency Requirement for CSU Students

If you started at a CSU in Fall 2023 or later, you need to demonstrate your writing proficiency to graduate. 

GWAR courses are single 3-unit courses or a series of courses.

When to Take GWAR Courses

  • Complete lower-division GE courses in areas A1, A2, A3, and B4.
  • Achieve junior status. But start planning for this course in your sophomore year.
  • See an academic advisor to understand if you will meet GWAR in your major automatically.
  • Post-baccalaureate, students pursuing a second baccalaureate degree, and graduate students do not need to meet GWAR.

Where to Find GWAR Courses

Option 1: Take a GWAR class within your major.

Option 2:  If your major does not have a GWAR course option, take a GWAR course in upper-division General Education or university electives

  • In the searchable class schedule, use the "Course Attribute" field to search for WIC courses. For step-by-step help in searching the class schedule, watch this video.

Requirement to Pass

  • You need a C- or better in a GWAR course to meet the GWAR requirement (even if you can pass the class with a D- for your major or GE)

Make sure to plan ahead to meet this graduation requirement! Speak with your academic advisor for more details.


For questions regarding GWAR exemptions or special circumstances, please contact the LARC Director, Loriann Negri at