Working in the LARC

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2021 positions in the LARC. You can see the full academic student employment job descriptions by visiting Academic Affairs Student Employment Opportunities

In the LARC, we believe in communication, collaboration, adaptation, creativity, inclusivity, growth, support, patience, approachability, and play. 

To that end, we strive to build a strong community for all our staff, with ongoing professional development opportunities and a variety of all-staff events. We offer a competitive pay rate for on-campus/remote work and allow for scheduling around classes. Please check out our job descriptions above and applications below! If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact us at

Please note: We are now using Google Forms for the application process. Please answer all questions marked with a red asterisk, and be certain you upload any documents required. If you need another format or have any difficulty with the Google forms, please contact us at the LARC Desk at

LARC Job Opportunities
Job Descriptions Applications (Google Form)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders and Learning Community (LC) Mentors are faculty-recommended students who have already mastered the course material and are trained to facilitate collaborative group learning. SI Leaders/LC Mentors attend lectures, take notes, model successful student behavior, work with the instructor, and plan weekly study sessions. These group sessions are where students can meet to compare class notes, review and discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying, and prepare for exams. Please note: Learning Communities specifically support year-long stretch math courses.

SI Leader/ LC Mentor Application 

Our peer tutors for the subject-specific Tutorial Program (TP) are faculty recommended, model students who are trained to adjust their tutoring to students’ learning preferences. Tutors can help students review the course content, develop study skills, and increase their overall confidence as a student. Tutors usually work one-on-one with students, but may also work in small group settings.

Tutorial Program Subject-Specific Tutor Application 

Writing Center (WC) tutors help SSU students, faculty, and staff improve as writers across the curriculum. Tutors work with individuals and groups on specific texts, assessing the skills, knowledge, and needs of the tutees, offering suggestions to improve writing abilities, and teaching rhetorical strategies to aid in progression through the writing process.  Most work is through one-on-one tutoring, though there may be some small group tutoring, and assistance with larger workshops.


Applications for this position are closed 


Summer Bridge Writing and Subject-Specific tutors offer academic support for incoming first-generation students in one-on-one or small group settings (online for summer 2021). Subject-specific tutors help students in quantitative reasoning/math courses to understand course material, develop study skills, and work through assignments. Writing tutors work with students on specific texts, assessing the skills, knowledge, and needs of the tutees, offering suggestions to improve writing abilities, and teaching rhetorical strategies to aid in progression through the writing process. Additionally, tutors may help create instructional materials for future use. Students graduating Spring 2021 may apply.

Applications for this position are closed

Student Ambassadors (SA) perform administrative tasks for the LARC, including welcoming students, answering emails, and directing inquiries. Other tasks include answering the telephone, assisting with the schedule, connecting students with tutors, and general support for the administrative staff. Federal Work-Study students are eligible to apply for this student assistant position.

Applications for this position are closed


The LARC reflects SSU’s Strategic Plan for Leadership Cultivation by offering advisory positions to interested student staff members who have demonstrated their abilities as tutors and Supplemental Instruction Leaders/Learning Community Mentors for at least one semester. Our three programs (Supplemental Instruction, Tutorial Program, Writing Center) all offer this more advanced position.

Current LARC employees may request applications for advisory positions by emailing the LARC Desk at