Writing Center FAQs

How do I schedule a tutoring appointment?

To schedule an appointment with the Tutorial Program or the Writing Center, you’ll need to register for a free account with our online scheduling system, using the LARC-WC Online tile in your Student Portal. For detailed instructions on how to set up your account and schedule your first appointment, please visit How to Schedule an Appointment on the Writing Center section of our website.

How many tutoring appointments can I schedule per week in WC Online?

You can schedule three 1-hour appointments per week with a writing tutor. You may also make up to three 1-hour appointments per week in our Tutorial Program.

How do I cancel my WC Online tutoring appointment?

TTo cancel your appointment, login to your account through your Student Portal by clicking on the LARC-WC Online tile. Select your appointment, then click on "Cancel Appointment" on the pop-up window. You will be asked to confirm the cancellation. Please note that appointments need to be cancelled a minimum of 24 hours in advance whenever possible. If you need to cancel an appointment last minute, please contact our help desk at larcdeskw@sonoma.edu.

What if I can’t find an appointment time that works for me?

As a student support service, we try to offer flexibility in scheduling appointments. If there are no appointments that work with your schedule, please email our help desk at larcdeskw@sonoma.edu, and we will see how we can help.

Can I get help with non-academic writing? Can I get writing help for any class?

Yes, you can get help with non-academic writing, such as cover letters, resumes, and personal statements. Our tutors also offer help with writing for any class, including projects for math classes, biology papers, film reviews/critiques, and more.

How do I access my appointment?

To access your appointment, login to our scheduling system through the LARC-WC Online tile in your Student Portal and click on your appointment, which will show up on your screen in yellow.  In the window that opens up, you will see a Zoom link at the top of the tutor profile. Simply click on the Zoom link, and your appointment will start! Please note: do not attempt to go into your appointment early, as other students may be finishing up their appointments. For more information on accessing appointments, please check our our Zoom Student Guide to Online LARC Services.

Does the Writing Center offer editing/proofreading services?

Writing Center tutors can give you tips and techniques for proofreading, but they do not offer line editing. However, during your tutoring sessions, you can work on any aspect of writing from any class.
Your Writing Tutor can help you:

  • Better understand your assignments
  • Plan and organize your writing task
  • Develop a strong thesis
  • Brainstorm and generate ideas
  • Cite sources in research-based writing

What is Engl 99T?

Engl 99T is a 1-unit, Credit/No Credit course that gives you a reserved weekly tutoring session with a peer-tutor through the online Writing Center. You’ll meet with the same tutor, same day/time for the whole semester either virtually through Zoom or in person at the LARC, and that person will provide you tailored support for your writing assignments, be a listening ear as you navigate your year, and help you grow as a writer. You can sign up for this course each semester just as you would sign up for any other course. After registration, you will be added to a Canvas course that will provide all the details, including how to arrange for the weekly appointments. This course is especially recommended for English 100A/B and English 101, but can be taken any time during your student career at SSU in order to support you in your writing courses.