LARC Handbook for All Student Staff

This handbook has been designed as an ongoing resource for all LARC student staff regarding the mission, values, codes, policies and procedures that are central to our operation. Below, you will find links to our mission statement and goals, staff expectations and responsibilities, our scheduling system, guidance for tutoring sessions, and much more. Please note that not all sections will apply to your specific position within the LARC, though Section 1 is for all employees. Also, this is a living document, subject to change/evolution, and so at times you may be asked to review some sections, or read new ones.

Read the following carefully and return to these pages often while you work here in any capacity. Feel free to explore, examine, and challenge these values as you engage in your work with the students we serve.

Section One (For All LARC student staff):

Section Two (For All LARC Peer Educators):

Section Three: Information Specific to the Tutorial Program (includes MESA tutors) and Writing Center:

Section Four: Information Specific to the Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program:

Section Five: Information Specific to Embedded Tutoring:

Section Six: Information Specific to Student Ambassadors:

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