Roles & Responsibilities Specific to Student Ambassadors

Welcome to the Student Ambassador Staff for the Learning and Academic Resource Center! As a Student Ambassador, you will most likely be the first contact that a student has with our Center and programs. Therefore, the high quality service you offer is very important. The policies and practices in this guide are intended to assist you in doing your job to the best of your ability, and to ensure that all students feel welcome and comfortable being in this space. Know that you are supported in your work by an administrative management team who are available to answer questions, provide additional information and training, and support you as an employee.

Summary of your responsibilities as a LARC Student Ambassador:

  • Checking tutors and tutees in when they enter the LARC, and ensuring that tutees are directed to their tutors. This may include occasional reminders to tutors currently in sessions to wrap up sessions in a timely manner.
  • Answering the phone, checking messages and returning calls; answering questions about LARC programs, services and resources.
  • Checking the general LARC emails regularly, and responding to them appropriately. Please see the section on Handling LARC Emails.
  • Assisting students with creating a WC Online student profile and scheduling both writing and subject-specific tutoring appointments through the LARC-WC Online tile in MySSU.
  • Tracking and responding to academic support requests and appointment time requests in a timely manner.
  • Assisting English 99T students by setting up both repeating appointments and any extra/make-up sessions needed, through the LARC-WC Online tile in MySSU.
  • Help drop-in math students sign in; direct them to available tutors.
  • Monitoring the tutoring schedule for both the Writing Center and the Tutorial Program, to help facilitate tutoring sessions (both online and in-person) when needed. This will include checking appointments on the schedule for any irregularities, and reaching out to students to clarify/fix as needed. This may also include some troubleshooting, though for anything really technical, we suggest contacting the IT HelpDesk .
  • Charging ChromeBooks overnight as needed; maintaining ChromeBook sign-out sheet as needed.
  • Regulating student printing use; refilling the printer paper. Please remind students coming in for printing to log out from the computers when they are done.
  • Assisting in keeping the center organized and clean, including restocking pens/notepads at tables, wiping tables down, cleaning off whiteboards, and so forth.
  • Customer service in all aspects, including directing students to other campus resources and web pages.
  • Promoting LARC & LARC programs through tabling events, distribution of promotional materials, assisting with in-person and online events as needed, etc.

General Expectations

Punctuality & Attendance
  • LARC Student Ambassadors should be on time for ALL work hours. You are required to arrive 5-10 minutes early before opening and five minutes early before shift changes.
  • If you are going to be late, please call LARC’s reception phone number to speak to the Student Ambassador on shift (don’t leave a message), AND notify staff through the GroupMe app. If you are the opening Student Ambassador, please let us know through GroupMe as soon as possible if you are running late.
  • When requesting coverage for a shift (both in advance or last-minute), use the following coverage procedure: Please notify the Student Ambassador group through the GroupMe app as soon as possible. Do not assume your shift has been covered until you receive confirmation from a member of the administrative staff (Loriann, Gillian, Molly, Sakina, or Stacey).
  • Please answer LARC Desk emails during business hours as quickly as possible (9am - 5pm Monday through Thursday, 9am - 4pm Friday). All emails to the LARC Desk do receive an auto reply advising them to wait for a response, but we should make every effort to address them promptly. See more under “LARC Desk Email Guide.”
Work Ethic
  • Student Ambassadors hold an important job in the LARC, and are vital to the operations running smoothly. Thus, your main priority is the work and tasks assigned to you. Personal tasks (homework, internet, etc.) are secondary and should only occur when you have completed all assigned tasks. When doing personal tasks, Student Ambassadors still need to be attentive and available to respond to requests, and aware of the environment in LARC. NO cell phone use is allowed at the front reception desk unless it has been approved for a special circumstance by the administrative management staff.
  • If no work is assigned, Student Ambassadors should be in the habit of soliciting work from administrative staff and only begin personal tasks after inquiring about potential work assignments.
Office Etiquette
  • Always be professional, polite, and attentive. Remember to conduct yourself respectfully and courteously, as you would want to be treated. Keep in mind that many students entering the LARC are nervous about getting academic support, and so being greeted in a friendly manner really helps.
  • When someone needs your assistance, stop what you’re working on and give them your full attention (including eye contact).
  • Be aware of the volume and nature of conversations when working and when hanging out in LARC. At times, you may need to ask tutors or students to control their volume or the content of their conversation.
  • Please take the time to direct tutees to their tutors. This means more than just pointing them in a general direction. Try to walk them over, or at least provide identifying features ("Your tutor is Amber - she's in the yellow dress at the middle table.")
  • The copy machine and printer are to be used first and foremost for work. If you need a personal copy printed, please ask for permission from a staff member.
  • Any student information you may come into contact with or become aware of within the California State University is considered confidential and should not be shared out of the office. This includes addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, grades, any other personal information you may become aware of. Sharing this information is a violation of the Federal Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). If a parent, guardian, or other individual/party asks you about a tutee’s information, please refer them to Gillian Estes or Loriann Negri.

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